Every town has its history. Does urban development use this power as an interdisciplinary and future-oriented approach? We think NO!
Two Wise Men believes, that the narrative of a city, as in companies, is too often neglected.
With this diagnosis Two Wise Men searches for the spilled values. With the guideline "development of a corporate brand" Two Wise Men develops a meta-idea for the future-oriented "enterprise city".


some cities like Krefeld are shrinking. A recent survey by Jones Lang La Salle says: the frequency in downtown decreases, jobs are first things to disappear, then citizens. The inference is, that downtown attraction gets lost.  


It hurts to see, that in Krefeld is missing out on the easiest question in marketing: Why does Krefeld exist today? There is no focus on any idea! The disjointed urban development-projects are falling. The budget is fragmented. 


E.g. cities needs a big idea, which creates desire and longing for emotional significance.

Libeskind, a worldwide known architect once said: “I think that everything good that is produced is produced through love. You are in love with a product’s uniqueness. Therefore you cannot treat it as a commodity and do something to it that can be done by everyone – you have to start with an inspirational vision with emotion and embody it in every detail of your product.“

With this objective, Two-Wise-Men has developed such a concept. Up to today, Krefeld had no understanding to realize a unique idea, or comparable strategies.

Too bad! Krefeld has so much potential.
We need new, forward looking ideas, we need to be curious about the future.
Albert Einstein once said: “I am not interested in the past. It’s the future, which I intend to live in.”


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