for the EU Export

Why are we committed to Ukraine? We believe that Ukraine belongs in the EU. Therefore we have started a feasibility project for a Ukrainian export web shop.
The name "Ukraine" means in Russian as much as "borderland" - currently between East and West.
The Euromaidan marks a turning point to the West in 2014. The EU became the most important region for Ukrainian exports. Conversely, the EU has become the largest investor in Ukraine. TWO WISE MEN felt committed to the consolidation initiative. The result:

The Ukraine Economy is in a difficult state. We believe that in future the Ukraine should be part of the European Community. Therefore, we want to promote the trade between the Ukraine and the EU member states.

How do we want to achieve what we want to do?
Our hypothesis is that we can contribute to this objective by creating an online B2B-marketplace offering Ukraine products and services to the West. This market place should be designed to Western/International design and operating standards.

What are we doing right now in order to move ahead?
We have started a search project in order to validate our assumptions. We want to learn about the potential and the challenges of creating such a online B2B marketplace for „Made-in-Ukraine“ products and services.


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