Kay Wiedemann

is managing director and partner of the Two Wise Men GmbH
in Dusseldorf.

Kay Wiedemann has gained experience in top positions in international advertising agencies and is responsible for creation in all areas of media.

Kay Wiedemann relates to “Panda rhei” as lifelong learning, because everything flows, nothing stands still.

In 1990 he started in self-employment with 
the Adworks Werbeagentur GmbH. 

For creative processes he developed the Framework of MarkenMetaPrinzip for conceptual planning campaigns. He advises market leaders from the area of food, airline, media and multi-technology groups. As an innovator, he designs both Internet platforms for the implementation of international campaigns, as well as an application for internal planning, settlement and administrative processes.

After an interlude as a visiting professor abroad, Kay Wiedemann founded in 2012, together with Dr. Gerd Slotta the Two Wise Men GmbH Business Design Practice. His ambition is to use the latest findings to guide enterprises and institutions to new growth.



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